About Project Homes

Project Homes is the result of the evolution of an existing architectural practice determined to deliver a more cost-effective and less frustrating design/build experience to clients.

Project Homes has a flexible approach to the build process with two options to choose from once the design of your new home has been completed and the plans drawn up.  You own the plans you have helped create.

OPTION A - This option is the traditional approach offered by most building companies in New Zealand.  The client is assigned a Project Homes Manager who organises and manages all the trades necessary to build their home.  The Project Manager's role is to ensure the house is built to the plan and the agreed specification.  The client has a fixed price lump sum contract.  

OPTION B - This option is for clients that are prepared to be more involved with their build.  The client assumes the role of the Main Contractor. The Project Homes Manager project manages the build on their behalf including the supply of all building materials and organisation of the subtrades (including the builder).  Selecting this option can yield a saving of around 10% of the total project cost.

Contact Project Homes to discuss your requirements and the options that we offer.