Building Options

Standard Construction

Project Homes can specify any NZ approved construction method such as timber framing and gib board linings. We also have extensive experience with the Solid Panel Construction technique which can be very cost-effective for specific designs.

Environmental Considerations - Sustainable Design

Other than the basic but important considerations of great design and orientation of the home to achieve optimal light and passive solar gain, there are many building systems and add ons which can be included in your project to meet your required level of sustainable living. It is important at the start of the project design process to decide how much of your total building budget you wish to allocate to sustainable features for example solar panel systems, grey water systems etc. and how much emphasis you wish to place on specification items for example untreated timbers in standard construction. Please discuss your sustainability requirements with Project Homes so these can be added into your design proposal.

Day one
Day One following the slab down
Day Two
Day one
Day Seven
Day two
Completion 80 days

Solid Panel Construction

Solid Panel construction is a BRANZ approved building method that has been avaliable in New Zealand for over twenty years.


  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced construction time
  • Low maintenance
  • Instant level 5 paint finish
  • Reduced overall footprint (6%)
  • Incredible resilience
  • Superior strength

The Process

  • The 4.0m x 2.45m panels are manufactured in Kaitia and shipped to a factory in Auckland where they are cut to size and the windows and doors cut out before transportation to site.
  • The walls are erected on the pre-prepared timber or concrete floor before the ceilings are put in place and propped until after the trusses are loaded on top and fixed in place.
  • On the exterior face of the outside walls, battens are fixed to create a cavity into which insulation is placed as required to achieve the clients desired R value.
  • The windows are installed and the building wrapped in preparation for the installation of the chosen cladding.
  • Once completed a Solid Panel home looks and feels the same as any other standard construction home.

Solid Panel Construction - frequently asked questions (FAQ)