About Project Homes - Passionate Interior Designers.

Auckland’s award winning interior design team has been featured in many projects and house designs.

We don’t only design things to be beautiful. Our Interior Designers make them work great as well.

Our leading interior designers have had a vast amount of professional training, while also having the opportunity to work under the award winning Auckland designer and founder of Project Homes Jean Bishop.

You can trust that any design work will be completed to the highest standard of excellence and we will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Jean Bishop – Interior Design Story

Project Homes was started in 2015, when founder and head designer Jean Bishop graduated from the Inchbald School of Design with a Diploma in Architectural Interior Design. Her mission was to provide a holistic approach to interior design that not only created amazing spaces for people seeking the ultimate in comforting interior spaces but also project manage the whole process.

Prior to studying interior design, Jean was an assistant in an architectural firm that also project managed the full building process. She gained valuable knowledge and understanding how homes are built and what rules can be stretched to create truly breath taking spaces.

Home Design

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