Today’s project summary is at Auckland CBD and I’m giving Jim help at his company office work. Jim is the founder of Small Business Amplifier, a software company producing one of the best CRMs for small businesses ever made. I’m currently in the trial phase of it myself actually and really loving it.

Anyway, Jim was looking to redesign his office and create an ambience that reflects the mission of the company. He wanted that interior design to flow into the walls and the furniture. The first designer he hired failed to show up and he was eager to get going with my interior design service. The project was already running behind the time frame as he wanted the designs done and the tradies in implementing the work before the end of the month.

Creating A Design For A Tech Savy Company


It wasn’t exactly simple trying to slip this new project into my schedule but every day life is brimming with such little circumstances. Some of my best clients turned came from last minute and crazy deadlines and since they offer a small business CRM that could really benefit me, I knew we could strike a deal that would suit us both. I’m all about building connections with trusted providers in many niches so I did what I could to fit them in.

I stayed up late for a week to wrap up some designs I was doing. With that all sorted, I was free to perform my dependable Auckland interior design service. Very first thing the very next Monday actually, little miracle actually – much to the Jim’s pleasure. In some cases its the small things which makes being an interior designer well worth it. Seeing the smiles on their faces made all the late nights totally worth it.

It was not all fun and games though, and it swiftly became evident this wasn’t going to be a standard interior design job. The office had a round design with floor to wall windows. Problem was that Jim wanted wall hangings, and with no walls for the outer walls of the office, I had to come up with some ideas. We eventually settled for some self standing banners and pictures that hung from the ceiling.


My other job was coming up with a cohesive design for the furniture and décor so I spent a few hours in their office gathering inspiration and chatting with the team. Fast forward a couple of hours and I got the majority of the inital note gathering sorted and the basic colour pallete agreed on. Time truly does fly when you’re working hard and concentrating on the work at hand. It prevents your thoughts from wandering and thinking unnecessary things like the power bill or contemplating life’s great mysteries like did Greedo really shoot first?.

With the prep pretty much all taken care of I could at last settle in to the real work of browsing through stacks of furniture catalogues and choosing furniture that would work with Small Business Ampilfier’s design brief. I knew freedom furniture had a few good pieces but Jim said he wasn’t entirely convinced of their build quality, fair enough. I plowed through and shortlisted a number of pieces.


Furniture Woes

Eventually we settled on the new desks, office chairs and some funky ottomans for the visitor area. After that I returned home and started nailing out the design. Once that is done the tradies would be free to go in and turn my designs into reality. Expecting that to be completed at the end of this month, I’ll attach some photos once it’s done!

I do hope you enjoyed that exciting job writeup, see you on the next one!

Jean Bishop

Jean Bishop

Founder, Lead Designer

Project Homes was started in 2015, when founder and head designer Jean Bishop graduated from the Inchbald School of Design with a Diploma in Architectural Interior Design. Her mission was to provide a holistic approach to interior design that not only created amazing spaces for people seeking the ultimate in comforting interior spaces but also project manage the whole process.