Stylish Home Security


Stylish Security! 

Who would have ever thought those 2 words would go together? – And yet here it is! 

Believe it or not this little beauty is one of the finest security cameras in the world. And it looks great. 

It can be flush mounted to a ceiling or even a wall so it’s hardly noticeable. It looks like an up-market lighting fitting so it just gets on with it’s job without anyone noticing.

It is made by a world leading German company which specialises in high end video surveillance equipment. In Auckland we’re lucky to have Auckland Security Cameras Ltd which is a company that specialises in this unique system.

I say lucky because there are very few people who understand this technology and Brian Clough is one of them. I’ll let him explain what makes this so special ( apart from it gorgeous looks !)

“The German company MOBOTIX has always taken a very different approach to the run of the mill CCTV providers.

First they decided their cameras would have the best image quality on the market. That’s why their lenses and sensors are manufactured exclusively in-house at their German facility. 

Second they wanted cameras that would never break! So they designed them to be incredibly rugged with no moving parts. That’s a big deal for reliability which is why they’re the most used cameras in places like Antarctica.

Third they wanted cameras with a wide range of different forms to suit different uses. That’s why you see these incredible looking small cameras that blend into the finest homes. No wonder they’re popular with some of the biggest names in the pop music industry!

My favourite thing about them though is the software that you use every day to use our cameras. It’s just hands down the easiest and most powerful available in Auckland today. If you need to search for an incident at your place it’s super fast to find what you’re looking for.

Oh … and there’s even a Privacy mode for when you’re entertaining. One click of a button and your camera system is completely blinded so your guests can rest assured that no-one anywhere will ever see what went on at the party! When you’re done just enter the code and instantly the cameras are hard at work again.

Those Germans really do think of everything!

Jean Bishop

Jean Bishop

Founder, Lead Designer

Project Homes was started in 2015, when founder and head designer Jean Bishop graduated from the Inchbald School of Design with a Diploma in Architectural Interior Design. Her mission was to provide a holistic approach to interior design that not only created amazing spaces for people seeking the ultimate in comforting interior spaces but also project manage the whole process.