Hello lovelies and welcome to my first interior design blog, this is my little corner where I can unload and share what’s it like to be an interior designer in Auckland – New Zealand’s biggest and wildest city! It makes London seem tame some days, especially after this day that I just had.

As you may know, I also offer house staging for those wanting to help the prospective buyer during the sales process. My services works by me first going to the home and seeing it’s interior décor, what style it’s in and the era it was built in. Features like that all determine what kind of furniture would best suit the home. If it’s a villa but has been renovated to a modern standard for example, I will pick furniture that is inspired by vintage design but is modern and chic.

When House Moving Plans Go Wrong

The house in question I was going to be house staging was located near my office in Parnell so nipping over there wasn’t an issue. The storage unit I rent that has all my staging furniture is located in Grey Lynn and usually getting furniture moved over isn’t a problem either. I select the pieces I want and call my furniture mover guy to pick them up and transport them to the staging home.

Only problem was, he never showed up on the day I booked him for. My trusted and reliable Auckland house mover turned into a no-show for the first time.

And while that’s perfectly understandable, life happens and all that, he never let me know he couldn’t make our appointment. And even worse, I had become dependent on him always being there when I booked him, so I started making plans that were down to the wire. If one thing went wrong, then a week or months planning could go to waste with everything running behind schedule.

And it was beginning to look my worst nightmares were about to come true.

The photographer was booked to come to the house the following day, and it was 11am on the day before with the house sitting empty like a ghost house. If the photographer gets rebooked that’s a fee that I will be fronting, not to mention the embarrassment it’ll bring upon my brand.

The journey to find a new house mover in Auckland

After not answering his phone, email and txts for the 30th time I decided to finally look for another house mover in Auckland that could come and get my staging furniture and move it into the home in Parnell.

The first three I tried from Google were pretty rude and slightly patronizing, explaining how bookings should be done well ahead of time to avoid disappointment. “Thanks, I was born yesterday and didn’t know this.” – I was tempted to say after the third one said the same thing and happily informed me they had no trucks available.

Annoyed, frustrated and only a little bit close to losing it, I tried page two of Google and clicked around. Two more calls, two more dead ends. I admit I was close to tears at this point, this had never happened to me before. I was never late to deliver and I always provided the best house staging service for my clients.

I reached the bottom of page two and clicked on the last one there, Pro Moving Services. The guy that answered the phone was so very polite and asked how he could help. I explained my situation and he must have heard the despair in my voice cause his tone softened. He then took a moment to check his scheduling and followed it up with the best words in human history. “We can be there in half an hour, what’s the address?”

I nearly dropped my phone.

I was so grateful I kissed the phone and told him everything he needed to know, then headed out to the storage unit to meet his furniture moving truck there.

Pro Moving Services Saving The Day

Jaime and his helper showed up ten minutes earlier than expected and I let them into the storage unit, showing them all the furniture that needed to be moved to the house. Within 15 minutes we were all loaded up and moving to Parnell.

Parking was a little bit shifty but they managed to park their furniture truck not too far from the empty house. While I stood and directed what needed to go where, the movers hustled and got the furniture inside the house.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that these guys will be my furniture team and with their performance, I’m labeling them the best furniture moving company in Auckland – bold I know but they saved my bacon and they deserve it.

While they were busy getting bits and pieces in, I was frantically running around the house getting the furniture into positions that looked natural. I was making the bed in the master bedroom when Jaime popped in and said they were all done.

I paid him happily, gave him a hug and told him to expect much more work from me in the future – and he will. I’ve already booked Pro Moving Services for 5 jobs next month and something tells me he won’t stand me up like John did that day.

Learning My Lesson

So that day truly taught me a lesson or six.

Always make plans with wriggle room for unexpected situations.

Expect things to go wrong, especially when the plan heavily depends on other people.

Always hire the best in the business, low prices usually end up costing more in the long run.

Jean Bishop

Jean Bishop

Founder, Lead Designer

Project Homes was started in 2015, when founder and head designer Jean Bishop graduated from the Inchbald School of Design with a Diploma in Architectural Interior Design. Her mission was to provide a holistic approach to interior design that not only created amazing spaces for people seeking the ultimate in comforting interior spaces but also project manage the whole process.